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You have worked hard for it. Saved up for it….Now it is time to reap the harvest of a life with no bounds. Where sunrises and sunsets are an everyday miracle, and nature is simply part of who you are.

Modern conveniences blend with the beauty of nature to give you a master planned community. The entrance gate bids you welcome…to a life well-lived. Celebrate happy times with the family. Casual get-togethers by the poolside. Grand occasions or small meetings at the clubhouse. A quiet afternoon in a corner by the gardens, a good book in hand.

VILLA CHIARA RESIDENTIAL ESTATES TAGAYTAY CITY is located near Picnic Grove, Tagaytay Highlands, People’s Park, and Tagaytay Japanese Friendship Garden.
Build your own home in a place you surely deserve which is Villa Chiara.

What I love about Villa Chiara?

It is still on the preselling stage. It is bound to be a high end development but today, it is very affordable @ 5,500 pesos per square meter payable in 5 yrs with no interest (as of June 2010).

It’s rolling terrain and picturesque environment.


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